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  • Group shot of residents that participated in the KCup
  • CampusOne residents competing at the KCup
  • Prizes won at bingo night
  • Four friends at casino night
  • Casino night
  • Therapy dog
  • People playing ping pong
  • Group photo of everyone competing in the tower of power
  • Resident holding an exotic bird

Residence Life


CampusOne is more than just a place to sleep while at school. CampusOne is a vibrant student community where you will create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. What makes our community special is our curated residence life program designed to help with academic support, health and wellness programming, employment opportunities, financial literacy and community engagement.

Whether in-person or virtually, these programs support the success of our community and contribute to a living-learning environment intended to enable students to thrive academically and socially!

Be sure to browse our residence life page to see what living at CampusOne is like. Once you've made CampusOne home, check back often to see all the great things you can get involved in!

Past events at CampusOne

CampusOne Social Life

Why you're going to love it here

  • George Goettler

    "CampusOne is about the people - the dons, cleaning-staff, security personnel, management and food services staff are great."

    - George Goettler
  • Daniel Gianetti

    "The Skylounge is a great space to hangout or study"

    - Daniel Gianetti
  • Grace Clausi

    "I love being able to meet with people from my program and other programs which leads me to having a very diverse friend group."

    - Grace Clausi
  • Lisanne van der Oort

    "I like the variety of food available in the cafeteria"

    - Lisanne van der Oort
  • Conor Vedova

    "I love CampusOne because there are so many cool things to do"

    - Conor Vedova
  • Carol Rodriguez

    "I love living in CampusOne because I can be involved in different types of activities and events."

    - Carol Rodriguez
  • Ethan Platt

    "What I love about CampusOne is the residence life, from welcoming us during welcome week to running different events."

    - Ethan Platt
  • Rue Guha

    "I like CampusOne because it allows for privacy within an overall social space."

    - Rue Guha
  • Charmaine Lau

    "I like CampusOne because of the big community around you!"

    - Charmaine Lau

What's Happening In Residence

Timothy P. Morton
Scholarship for Academic Achievement and Community Engagement

  • Alvina Yang

    Meet Our 2022 Recipient: Alvina Yang

    "The CampusOne housing scholarship has put more ease into my life and my family’s life. From the welcoming staff, the abundant amenities, and the stunning view, my experience has certainly been enjoyable. CampusOne is also conveniently situated right next to many of my favourite cafes, restaurants, and of course, the University of Toronto. With the many opportunities, living here has definitely helped me learn more about myself. I would strongly recommend choosing CampusOne for their caring staff, strong sense of community, and fun events."

  • Shouvik Bhadra

    Meet Our 2021 Recipient: Shouvik Bhadra

    "The CampusOne housing scholarship has allowed for me to spend less time worrying about my expenses, so that I can allocate more time to my education. From my initial days of contact with the CampusOne staff, they have been nothing but kind and supportive. Located at the heart of downtown Toronto, CampusOne is just a walking distance from University of Toronto, and other popular attractions. With loads of amenities CampusOne provides, it has not only made my life easier, but also provides me with sources of entertainment. All in all, CampusOne’s vibrant community, helpful staff, convenient location, and 5-class amenities makes CampusOne a desirable destination for students looking for residence."

  • Elijah Gyansa

    Meet Our 2020 Recipient: Elijah Gyansa

    "The CampusOne Housing Scholarship has been a true blessing. The convenient residence location that is around great food places, fun attractions, and most importantly beside the University of Toronto is simply amazing. Although I have had very limited experience due to the pandemic, I believe students will appreciate the student community and the various amenities offered once they are eventual open. You’ll get the best experience by stepping out of your comfort zone!"

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